Having kids who like to write

creative writing workshop

My son, who is almost 9, once decided he wanted to be an astronaut. Today, he says he wants to be a book editor. I have no idea where that came from but he spouted off, and accurately so, what the job entails.

My kids tell people that their mom is a writer and they ask me all the time what I’m working on. Sometimes, I even write short stories just for them and read them out loud. They get to choose the ending and they have so much fun coming up with interesting ideas. But they also know that being a writer means getting rejections. Look at authors like J.K. Rowling. She posted some on Twitter. Rejections bring moments of sadness and doubt. BUT. BUT. Writing teaches you to persevere and believe in oneself.

My six year old daughter is already writing stories and poetry in first grade. She recently entered a writing contest with a poem and won. She will be receiving help from an editor to shape and enhance the poem and it will be published this summer in an anthology of other children’s short fictional stories and poetry. The company is called Young Inklings. They support and encourage kids to write. Isn’t that a fantastic !

As a mom who writes, I am excited for her writing debut but also a little envious at the same time. I never thought my six year old would be a published author before me. Someday, I tell myself. Your time will come.

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