Finding time to write isn’t always so easy



Finding time to write isn’t always so easy. Take for example, today. It’s Tuesday and my kids get out of school early.

After walking the dog, doing dishes and laundry, running a few errands this morning, there isn’t much time to write before they come tearing through the house asking for a snack or help with their homework.

Then there’s after school activities and dinner to be made.

Today, also is that start of swim team season when all three of my kids start going to practice every afternoon.

I want to be one of those moms that sit around to watch their kids swim and socialize with other parents but I also want to sit under the shade and write.

It’s hard to balance all of this. So what am I to do? I suppose it’s another one of those days that means writing at night when the kids are finally in bed.

I’ll skip television for the sake of getting more of my current novel’s first draft done. Every writer no matter if they’re a parent of not has to figure out when they can get fit their writing in and it’s always a matter of sacrifice. When my husband asks tonight if I’m working, the answer will be a resounding yes.



                                                           Picture used from Google Images

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