Mother’s Day – a realistic viewpoint


If you peel back the shiny veneer of the commercial images of what Mother’s Day looks like, you’ll get a glimpse at what it’s actually like.

And it’s not pretty.

Go to Facebook on Mother’s Day and you’ll see lovely posed photos of friends with their kids all smiling and happy.

But did you know that a couple of minutes before and after that shot was taken, the kids were fighting, hitting, kicking and spitting at one another? (No? Okay, maybe it’s just my kids).

This year I read posts by other mothers who said all they wanted was a day off. They wanted to have an uninterrupted shower, they wanted to dress up nice and wear heels and makeup. They wanted to go to brunch with their friends sans cranky husbands and kids. They wanted a day off from changing dirty diapers, tantrums, and all that goes hand in hand with babies and toddlers.

This made me laugh because those baby and toddler days are well behind me now but I remember them well. And back then, it was hard to laugh but with the passage of time, it’s comical.

My mother’s day did not involve a photo because truly, my kids couldn’t behave. All three of them must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. Their bickering and crying started in by 10:08am.

They tried, I think to be on their best behavior, but that expended energy went poof and the rest of the day was downhill.

10:08 – yes, I looked at the clock and was amazed. Maybe I should count myself lucky that I got that much time of goodness.

My husband did his best. He put the dishes away and made the kids breakfast first and they all brought me presents in bed (handmade cards from our printer paper that looked took about 2 seconds to make)

I’m not bitter or mean. I just want them to show they actually care.

At the end of the day, exhausted by their emotional turmoil and escalation of bad behavior, I’ve asked for a redo.

I want my brunch at a nice restaurant with happy kids.

And ladies – any time you want to get out of the house without your kids and have a lovely time, let me know. I’m all in.

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