Finding Inspiration all around you

Finding time to write sometimes means finding time to be inspired. And this couldn’t be more true than the end of May, which is the month in school that is CRAZY. Last posters and presentations, last art projects, music performances, end of the year parties and what’s next? Four days left of solitude before the madness really begins…meaning my three kids will be out of school for the summer. So, this week, I decided to have a day to myself while I still could. Forget about this intensive writing class I’m taking, forget about homework, forget about cleaning the house, running errands, grocery shopping, laundry, and all the other mindless, mind numbing things I usually do. I put the car in drive and pointed it north. San Francisco. A beautiful, sunny clear day. As I crested 19th Ave, the arches of the Golden Gate Bridge came into view and then I descended into the green space of the Presidio. Parking was not a problem, for once! There’s a garage directly under the De Young museum. Couldn’t have been easier. The exhibit was pretty amazing. So many fabulous dresses. I think these designs were fabulous, because, Oscar de la Renta was extremely talented. Although his designs were truly inspiring, the women who came for the exhibit were also inspiring. They were dressed in their finest and fashionable attire. Lots of jewelry and stunning shoes. It was Fashion Heaven.

If you ever get stuck or bored, force yourself out in the world. Take in art, listen to different music, go to a concert. Inspiration abounds but you have to make the time and grab for it with both hands.

Smoky tulle dress, Oscar de la Renta
Vibrant Pink dress with embroidered flowers, Oscar de la Renta

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